May 23, 2022

Speaking Of Life 4027 | Living Water

Have you ever felt empty inside? Have you ever felt like life is one problem after another? Even when we feel like we have everything that we need, nothing can satisfy the void that only Jesus can fill. He is the true Living Water that even when we are in our deepest darkest moments in the wilderness, he refreshes our soul and keeps us whole in his loving embrace.
May 16, 2022

Speaking Of Life 4026 | Don’t Settle for Less

Have you ever settled for less in your relationships? Healthy relationships are not easy to maintain and require intentional hard work. David reminds us in the Psalms that our loving Father is inviting us into a relationship with him. Even when we’re tired and ready to give up, he continues to pursue us with love and compassion.
May 9, 2022

Speaking Of Life 4025 | No One Special, Just Chosen

Differences often become excuses for us to exclude and separate. We even do this unconsciously, based on someone’s appearance, language, or outfit. This Easter season, let us be reminded that Jesus invites us into his kingdom, no matter our differences. He came to restore all of humanity with his love and peace!
May 2, 2022

Speaking Of Life 4024 | Not Wanting the Shepherd

Correctly interpreting scripture can be challenging. Yet, like a shepherd, Jesus’ voice guides us when we read the word of God. Even when the world says differently, may we find peace knowing that he is the Good Shepherd who will bring us into the light.
April 25, 2022

Speaking Of Life 4023 | A Different Sort of Power

There is no shortage of examples, today and in history, of individuals using their influence and power to control and harm others. But Jesus’ power is different. Jesus displayed his power by laying down his life and overcoming evil with truth, love, and light. His name is above any other name!
April 18, 2022

Speaking of Life 4022 | The Great Disruptors

Jesus invites us to participate in his upside-down kingdom. He disrupts our broken systems, takes us out of our comfort zones, and ushers in peace while healing our broken world.
April 11, 2022

Speaking Of Life 4021 | The Last Enemy

As we celebrate Resurrection Sunday, let us remember that Jesus’ resurrection is not only about hope for life after death. Because of the life that we have in Christ, we are united with him and invited to join him in healing the world.  He is risen and he is with us!
April 4, 2022

Speaking Of Life 4020 | Going-away Party

When Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem, people were celebrating because they thought he came to end the rule of the Romans. Hardly did they know that they were giving him a going-away party. A celebration that is worth praising til today! Jesus didn’t come to conquer an oppressive government. Jesus came to overcome death with light and love!
March 28, 2022

Speaking Of Life 4019 | A Path Through the Jackals

Have you ever felt like you were alone in a wasteland? Maybe during a break-up, financial crisis, or losing someone dear to you. Even in the wastelands, when all is hopeless, Jesus continues to meet us wherever to restore us and make us whole again.
March 21, 2022

Speaking Of Life 4018 | Labels

Labels make the grocery experience so much better by giving us an idea of what’s inside a product. For us humans, it might be difficult for us to express to the world who we are inside. It’s easy to get labeled by people for how we look, say, or what we even wear. Society might fail to understand us but Jesus fully accepts and loves us for who we are beyond our flaws and mistakes.